The Wild of the North

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Stunning Scenery

Northmavine is tremendous walking country with unforgettable experiences to offer everyone from the long distance hiker to the casual stroller. Many of its most beautiful spots are directly accessible by car.

The adventurous can ascend Ronas Hill to discover the mountainous terrain at its peak, where a fine example of a chambered cairn awaits them. From here, on a clear day, the view is unsurpassed, taking in all of Shetland from Fair Isle to Muckle Flugga.

A Wealth of History

Fishing and crofting have always been the mainstays of Shetland life, though much has changed since the not so distant past when the sea was the highway and the engine unknown. Northmavine was a centre for the haaf fishing which took place in fishing stations throughout Shetland during the summer months. Three of the largest stations in Shetland were at Fethaland, Stennes  and Ronas Voe. The Fethaland station was the largest and many of the lodges in which the fishermen stayed are still evident.

Many fine examples of times past can be seen in Northmavine. Easily accessible are the shore front at Hilswick where the man-made beach was used for drying fish. A recent local project has restored cooch kettles which were once used to boil up cooch for preserving sails and nets.

Tangwick Haa Museum Eshaness

All aspects of life in Northmavine over the years are well illustrated at Tangwick Haa Museum. The Haa was built in the late 17th Century for the Chayne family, lairds of the Tangwick Estate and elsewhere in Shetland.

The museum has many fascinating artefacts and photographs. Part of the display has a new theme every year.

Bird, Beast, Rock and Plant

The wildness and the range of different habitats in Northmavine make it a perfect place for watching wildlife, so don't forget your binoculars.

The coast of Eshaness, the Ness of Hillswick, Fethaland and the banks around Ronas Hill are home to thousands of seabirds, with many important breeding colonies. Ronas Hill is also home to a number of rare sub alpine plant speicies. Otters and seals are also much in evidence for those with a sharp eye.

Northmavine is also famous for its geology and has recently been at the forefront of Shetland's bid for Geopark status. A number of important pieces of interpretation have been erected starting with the geology wall at Mavis Grind which represents a cross section of the areas geology.

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