Betty Mouats Böd - Closed in 2022 (10/06/22)

BETTY MOUAT'S BÖD offers economic, self catering accommodation in a traditional building at the southern tip of the Shetland Mainland.

This stone cottage was originally the home of a redoubtable lady who, in 1886, drifted alone on a fishing boat to Norway and lived to tell the tale.

The böd is next door to the Old Scatness Broch and Iron age village archaeological site and is also handy for Shetland's main airport and the Fair Isle ferry.

*please note that the facilities provided in the böd have changed since these images were taken.

Opening Times

1st March - 31st October.


Hot water heater, shower and solid fuel fire.

Please note that electricity is provided by a coin meter which accepts £1 and £2 coins.  Guest are required to pay for their own electricity.

3 public rooms, 2 bedrooms.
Bedroom 1 - sleeps 6 with solid fuel stove.
Bedroom 2 - sleeps 4.

Bus stop nearby for Lerwick and airport.

Betty Mouat

Betty Mouat was born in Levenwick in 1825, the daughter of Thomas Mouat. When her father was lost at sea her mother returned to her home at Scatness.

Betty Mouat was a skilled hand-spinner and knitter who became a famous celebrity in 1886 when the boat, the Columbine, on which she was a passenger drifted to Norway without a crew.

Three miles into a journey to Lerwick the Columbine encountered heavy seas. The main boom broke free and the Skipper and the mate tried to effect a repair but the movement of the ship caused both men to be flung overboard. The mate managed to haul himself back on board and he and the remaining crewman launched the small boat to try and save the skipper but he had disappeared beneath the waves.

When they turned to go back to the Columbine they could not catch her and had to abandon the pursuit.
When the men returned to shore they raised the alarm but all attempts at locating the drifting Columbine proved fruitless.

After eight days and nights at sea the Columbine drifted onto rocks at Lepsoy, Norway and Betty was rescued by a young Norwegian fisherman with the assistance of other local people.


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Betty Mouats Bod

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